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🌊 second year retrospective

October 13, 2023


  1. Writing the self-improvement debate paper with Laura, Sam, Ethan and Tim. Incredibly high momentum
  2. Commuting to Oxford to work with Timon and Chris on the SHAPER deadline
  3. Midnight, AI threat model rehersal with Jesse C and Lewis whilst sharing great music
  4. Kite surfing in Boa Vista and finally riding over a wave
  5. Taxi ride from Index to OpenAI parties at NeurIPS with Laura, Muj, Jack and Martha
  6. Spider-man sequel, opening night IMAX with Usmaan, Yams, Jack, Dovy & Liban
  7. Thursday at Glastonbury
  8. Running into Brighton sea with N + E


  1. Finding the positional bias in the self-improvement debate work (removed all significant results)
  2. Rejection from Anthropic Residency
  3. Post Glasto blues
  4. UCL admin staff @β€˜ing me
  5. Argument on mums graduation day

improvements i’ve noticed:

  1. Practising equanimity
  2. Chasing experiments that are likely to disprove me
  3. Calibrating my epistemics with my conviction
  4. Being able to mentor junior researchers better
  5. Better at spending time alone

things i still need to learn:

  1. A sleep/work style that is healthy for me
  2. How to let go of bad habits / relationships
  3. Faith that i’m on track for multi-year plans